I have struggled with body issues, weight issues, and my relationship with food my whole life. I have tried COUNTLESS times to lose weight, change my thinking, and change my attitude towards food, but never came out on top of my issues.

I first met Jenny at work, and constantly asked for her opinion/knowledge on food, body image, and work outs. When she asked me to be her client for her life coaching I was thrilled! (And a little nervous, bc I knew we were going to get into the root of my problems.)

As of right now we are three sessions in, out of 12. My life is 100% different, which to me is so crazy bc I’ve struggled so long. She has literally saved me from all those negative body issues and food problems (I’m an over eater). I’ve never been so determined and positive about my life and my body before. She has helped me become an even better person. I am learning to love myself, love healthy food, and love life more. I couldn’t of done it without her, and that I know for a fact. She understands the problem. She has never once judged me or made me feel uncomfortable telling her things. She knows the struggle as well.

Not only has my body issues and relationship with food changed, but my families are as well. The information I get from my sessions I pass on. They see me doing well and they want to join in. It’s such an awesome thing! I never would have thought would happen. Just another blessing from Jenny!

Of course there will be and has been setbacks. Whether it’s falling off the horse or just plain old life throwing stuff at you, I feel like now I have the resources and strength to be okay with a set back, accept it and move on right where I left off. It’s not all rainbows and butterflies. There will be dark times. But I’ve never felt so ready to conquer them.

I’m not going to let anything in my way of happiness. I have Jenny to thank for that. She is such an amazing person!! I want to thank her a million times!! You will be amazed at what other stuff in ur life changes as well. (Quitting smoking, my relationship with men, etc)

I reccomend life coaching 1000%. It can change your life!

The photo included is of her achieving one of her “big WHY” goals which was to climb a mountain. She had difficulty doing this before because of her health, nutrition, and smoking — but she did it!

-R., Female client in Wichita, KS.

Jenny is an excellent motivator. During our workouts, she’s very supportive, and provides valuable feedback on form.

Jenny provides good tips throughout the movement, and even before as she demonstrates a new exercise.

She’s trained me for several months in different settings (gyms, beaches, exercise rooms with little to no equipment), and I’ve been very happy with her approach and my progress.

-D., Male client