10 Foods To Eliminate From Your Life

Although I am an avid advocate of moderation and listening to your body, there is SO much wisdom in getting rid of foods that are toxic to your body, your brain health, and your ability to take advantage of your body’s natural wisdom. And when your busy, like most of us are, it can be even HARDER to pick out the good foods in your environment instead of reaching for a snickers.

So here it is, my official list of get these foods out of your diet as much as possible. Is it because it is the WORST thing in the world to eat? No. But, like cigarettes, these dare I even call them “foods” are toxic. And there’s so many natural substitutes to get your sweet, salty, baked goods, or savory cravings satisfied. That being said, try to eliminate these foods a.m.a.p. or slowly decrease your percentages. For example, if these foods make up 70% of your diet, try to shoot for 65% the next few weeks, and so on.

This isn’t about shaming or being 100% perfect, I have these foods on occasion. The key is to transition these foods from being “staples” in your diet, to “every now & thens”. 

Now, for the 10 “foods” you should try to eliminate as much as possible… here they are!

  1. Sugar and honey (read your labels — I even miss this one from time to time if I don’t check… it’s in peanut butters, almond milk, and other “health foods”.
  2. Canola and Vegetable Oil — this includes the ones they sneak into chips, treats, salad dressings, and sauces.
  3. Soda — I’ll share my own journey with this in the future for guidance & suggestions!
  4. Juice (except freshly squeezed) — heck, why not eat an actual fruit?
  5. Cereals & Oatmeal packets
  6. Energy/protein bars or drinks
  7. Fried foods that you didn’t make in your own kitchen.
  8. Protein Supplements (Although there are some great options, and I’m still figuring this one out for myself, a large portion of synthetic proteins have toxic chemicals added in — so it’s one to be cautious about.)
  9. Low-fat products, including dairy, baked goods, milk (this one is so tough for me so I get the 2% and have slowly been moving to whole). We’ve got to get rid of the myth that natural fat makes people fat.
  10. White bakery products — including gluten free goodies. (Admittedly, I’ll eat these from time to time).


I’d love to hear your feedback — if you have q’s about this list or would like to add to it, please comment or reach out and I’d be happy to continue this dialogue.

Eat your heart full ❤ Jenny


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