6 Healthiest Oils

Oils and fats often get a bad rep since the “non-fat craze” of the 80’s.

Well, I am hear to let you know that “fat’s do not make you fat”.

I know, it’s a tough one to wrap your head around… but it’s true. In fact, depriving our bodies of fat does damage to our skin, metabolism, and most importantly our brains. When we don’t get enough fat, we are actually starving our brains of the energy it needs to function properly.  This leads to issues with memory (and could be a factor in earlier onset Alzheimer’s), and impacts our mental health (i.e. our susceptibility to mental illness).

If that isn’t enough reason to reconsider your fat intake, it also can help regulate our metabolisms, increase feelings of satiation after meals, and regulate the alteration of hormones in response to increased sugar/carb intakes. Healthy fats HELP us maintain a healthy weight, not hurt us.

That being said, I am not recommending you down a jar of peanut butter… though it is very tempting. I’m simply recommending that we moderate our fat intake throughout the day. Every person’s body is different with what EXACT amount is right, but if you’re not taking in enough fats (yes, I’m talking to you non-fat advocates)– that could be extremely troublesome. This isn’t a game of extremes, but of simply adding a little bit of heart, healthy fat to every meal that we can.

I will share more info on healthy fats later, but first– HEALTHY OILS.

There is SO much confusion about what is and what isn’t healthy, and as far as I know (and the research has shown) these are the 6 healthiest oils we have in semi-easy access.


If you have any feedback or other oils to add to the list — let me know. I enjoy learning and growing with my readership.

Eat your heart full. ❤ Jenny Helms


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