3 Strategies to Tackle Perfectionism in Weight Management

We ALL have weight imperfections. Sometimes we can let these imperfections ruin our day. We feel justified in it taking over our thoughts.

Kudos to ralphheebs.hubpages.com
Kudos to ralphheebs.hubpages.com

 Of course I feel bad, I mean, If I looked like Beyonce, had the accomplishments of “the Joneses” – life and being happy would be a breeze.

Well, believe it or not, even the Joneses have their flaws, their negative emotions, and can struggle with perfectionism. That’s life. It’s messy. It’s imperfect. That’s okay.

Instead, why not allow our minds to think of something else?

1. Challenge yourself by asking, “What might happen?” “What are all of the possibilities both negative and positive?” When you invite all the options into your mind it helps you practice thinking about more than “what could go wrong, or is wrong, etc.”

2. Try to have compassion for your “imperfections” or the reasons behind your struggle with your body, weight, or diet. There’s likely a good reason you’re in the place you are. Try to understand those parts by holding an attitude of compassion.

3. Commit to having kinder energy to yourself and your journey. Those who have willed themselves into lifestyle changes through a spirit of obligation, self hatred, or fear don’t win in the long run. The spirit has to be from a place of self love or desiring health. If not, the moment your fears subside, you get overwhelmed, or resentful about your obligations- BOOM. Old habits will emerge.

“Love yourself full”,


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