Those Pesky Hunger Pangs

Do you fight your appetite? Do you think, “If only I could NEVER be hungry – then I’d lose weight…”? or, “Appetite? Ha, I learned to ditch that braud long ago…”

Well – you’re wrong. Yes, I said it. It’s not quite what you are wanting to hear. But I promise it’s real, tough love.

Your body is REALLY smart, and this desire will always take over any “body control” strategy we implement. Much like breathing, at some point – you’re gonna come up for air.

What if I told you that appetite is your friend? It’s there to help you, and it’s a really smart, natural process.

Here’s the facts:

  • Trying to control appetite triggers “survival mode” otherwise known as “starvation mode” and our appetite will become even more ravenous.  This creates a STRESS response and also increases anxiety. This makes for crazy making, our body & our willpower will be at war. And spoiler alert: the body will win. 
  • Stress = more insulin & cortisol which signals the body to store weight and lose muscle. The OPPOSITE of what most people are going for.
  • Stress also = the brain losing it’s ability to key us into healthier foods and instead craving donuts and bread bc your brain thinks you are in starvation mode ( I mean, why else would you ignore it’s hunger calls?)  Your body then initiates an internal campaign for you to grab food that creates a surplus of energy (sugar and carbs) and may even make you feel sick.
  • Appetite has it’s own flow.  You CANNOT control it.

What can YOU do?

  • Stop fighting your appetite. Really. 
  • Invite your appetite back into your life and work towards becoming more mindful & aware.
  • If you’ve been ignoring you’re appetite for a while, it may take some time for it to regulate (like in major eating disorders or emotional eating), however, trust the process. The more you practice tuning into it, the more aware you will become.
  • Side note: if you have issues with your hormones & have desperately tried to become mindful to your appetite, you may need to seek physician assistance to help your body once again regulate your appetite & cue you into the wisdom you need. 

Eat your heart full,


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