5 Ways to Love Your Awesome Bod Now

Why wait? Part of being healthy in body is being kind to your body. As it is. Flaws and all. Like Beyonce (kind of). In fact, LOVING your body, (as opposed to criticizing, “if only”, and shaming it) translates into losing unhealthy body fat (the stuff around your abdomen that precursors diseases), lowering stress levels, and long-term success in making healthy choices for it.

Here’s some tips and tricks to get you started: 

1. Make a ❤ list. 

This sounds cheesy, but it’s really effective. Catch is, you have to be SPECIFIC. Make a list of 5 things you honestly love about your body as it is today. It can even be as weird as “I really like the way my knee caps look” or “That freckle beside my eye, really draws attention to the blue in them.”

2.  Spoil your body.

This could be through taking a bubble bath, manicure, or mindfully eating something healthy! Do something that makes it feel good.

3.  (I like to) Move it, move it!

Dance! Workout (in ways that are fun to you), take a walk, or share your body with the one you love. Moving our bodies produces lots of feel good hormones & chemicals that help us appreciate it more. Joyful movement is the key.

4. Stand tall and put on some lipstick.

Research has found that the way you present yourself, your posture, largely dictates not only how others perceive you–but how you perceive yourself. Stand tall and smile a bit (yes, even “fake” smiling can trick your brain into thinking more positive thoughts) and for some extra pizzazz put on things that make you feel good and authentically you. For some that’s lip stick–others (like myself) snazzy workout gear.

5. Marvel at your mechanics.

Last, but certainly not least, marvel at the incredible biological specimen you are. Your body produces ~300 billion cells every. single. day. Additionally, those big thighs of yours helps you run and pr on your squat. Take a different approach of looking at your body and truly being grateful for all that it does for you. It’s pretty amazing!

Until next time-“Eat your heart full”,


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