Eat your heart out: Why most diets fail.

For years, I have observed through study, time, and my own inner battles that there is something very off about the way most people relate to food.

Like most mental illnesses, I believe that eating disorders lay on a spectrum– go to far to one side or the other (or pass diagnostic criteria) and you get the label.

But what about the people who lay around the edges? What about the fact that most of our population is on the verge of being overweight and obese?

Are we just an incredibly lazy society?


We as a society, are incredibly smart. However, many of us are socialized to uphold  very specific belief systems about food. And drug, diet, and food companies want it that way.

Even more, the science behind our appetite and the engineered products we consume every day is confusing our bodies, brains, and in essence–creating far worse problems than “being overweight” alone.

That’s why I have become passionate in dedicating my time to studying these relationships. The relationship we have with the food on our plates, ourselves, and the science and psychology behind these relationships and the food itself. (Meta-meta, I know!)

Most Weight Loss programs and Coaches (although extremely well intentioned)  usually only address one or two pieces of the equation. The problem? We are systemic beings and so is our relationship to food.

Heck, if dieting and eating well wasn’t “complex” we would hardly ever say the word “weight loss” or “dieting” and the (not so successful, but profitable) billion dollar diet industry would be swept out of business (cue sad violin in the background).

Most programs address a symptom. But to change your lifestyle, more so–the identity you’ve built with the way you relate to food, we need to dig to the roots and get at the CAUSE.

This is often scary, takes time, and messy. 3 things we’ve all been programmed to run from and instead toward quick-fixes, that often become long-term problems (thank you, greedy business strategies).

But I assure you, if you delve into a program or with a coach/therapist that addresses the roots of the issue from a systemic perspective– your life WILL change. You will grow. You will develop a healthier relationship with food and yourself.

This is what I do in my practice. I strive toward addressing the roots from multiple angles. If you’re interested in delving–(for local Wichita, Kansans) you can set up a free 15 minute consultation with me by calling (316) 425-7774 or e-mailing Not so local? Send me an e-mail and I’d be happy to brainstorm with you some other ideas/references.

“Eat your heart full”,

Coach J

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