Legs for Days…

Okay, so we all know that guy at the gym… you know, the one who looks a little like this:



While he may look good from above the waist, there’s lots of reasons that “friends don’t let friends skip leg day”.

Here’s a few motivators and some tips to make your experience look more like this:

legs4days annnnnd less like this:legs4days2

For all of you who are convinced that “I go running… once every month that starts with the letter J” will cut it, here’s a few facts that may change your mind…

1. According to http://www.stronglifts.com, squats and dead lifts generate the largest production of Human Growth Hormone (HGH) and testosterone which translates into more muscle generation overall. More muscle=more strength=more calories burned=awesome bod.

2. Working legs also develops better form and strength in every other muscle group as well. Working legs=increased strength on upper-body lifts.

3. Oh, and… it actually works your upper body simultaneously. Lifting those bars, balancing, and all the other movement also contributes to your over-all body strength and works your abs, chest, AND arms. Boom! It’s a win-win-win…you get the point.

4. Symmetry. It’s not just the symmetrical face that people are attracted to in psychological studies (and models), but the body as well. More symmetry=more attractive. It also translates to more functional, capable, as well as healthy–which is why we are biologically programmed to attribute it to being beautiful. 

5. It also builds up your mental strength. Working legs is hard. For me, it’s where I sweat the most and breathe the hardest–but in the end, it builds up my mental strength to do my other workouts (and other tough things in life!) in addition to making me feel bad-ass at the end of my workout. After all, I am superwoman, right?… (crickets chirping)….

Regardless leg day is awesome. For the body, heart, and mind. 

Additionally—don’t forget your calves! That’s another area within the legs that often gets neglected. (I am so guilty myself!) For further reference, I have attached a calf and leg workout so you can start incorporating these moves into your fitness regime and become even more bad ass than you already are.

Got 4 minutes for your calves? Uh, of course you do! That’s like .4% of your waking day ( a.k.a. 12 hours)…


And here’s a good leg workout (or at least the basics):


And just for kicks an awesome, motivational workout tank:

Get those legs moving!

photo (4)

Until next time,

Jenny out. 

Special thanks to stronglifts.com and bodybuilding.com for their awesome, informative sites. I couldn’t condense and spread the knowledge without it. ;-P




One thought on “Legs for Days…

  1. Ed C.

    Damn, Jenny, did I just read a blog about weightlifting from you???? I’d like to think I had something to do with inspiring this!!! Nice work! Nice legs! 😉

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